Tolerance ranges

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In today’s cancer post, I’m going to talk about how treatment affects tolerance ranges. It is very simple, it makes them smaller, narrower. Here are examples of this (and please bear with me, it’s just for info that I’m sharing this, not for pity!): Temperature: I get cold as soon as it gets cool, but … Read more


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Oh yes, I go for therapy, and it has been great. There is no denying that even with the best support network and loved ones around, being the one with the cancer in this turmoil can be quite lonely. I started therapy a few months before I got diagnosed actually. I was unwell and I … Read more

A cancer patient in lockdown

I am vulnerable. I am on chemotherapy. I am hiding from covid-19. The few strands of hair on my pale scalp shiver at the slightest draft. So do I. A small breath of wind from the world outside and a special kind of cold runs down my spine. A threat that I cannot see lurks. … Read more