Since 2018 I am living with metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma. It’s a mean one, but so far I have the upper hand. For years I have learnt many tricks to manage my disease and I will try to document this here. While my first piece of advice to anyone who knows someone who has been diagnosed with cancer or who has been diagnosed themselves is “DON’T GOOGLE IT!”, I still hope these pages will be useful.

Note to self: write up about: Supplements, Face care, What do I mean by “Don’t Google it!”, Therapy, Holistic care. Ping me on Twitter if you want me to write about something, because at this stage I feel like I’m a cancer elder, but also I keep learning new stuff.

Tolerance ranges

In today’s cancer post, I’m going to talk about how treatment affects tolerance ranges. It is very simple, it makes them smaller, narrower. Here are examples of this (and please bear with me, it’s just for info that I’m sharing this, not for pity!): Temperature: I get cold as soon as it gets cool, but…

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Oh yes, I go for therapy, and it has been great. There is no denying that even with the best support network and loved ones around, being the one with the cancer in this turmoil can be quite lonely. I started therapy a few months before I got diagnosed actually. I was unwell and I…

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