Academics and online presence

Most academics excel at their area of expertise, but not everyone knows how to publicise themselves. I have put together a small website that hopefully will help academics create a simple webpage to showcase their work in all its diversity – research, teaching, supervising, outreach, and more. It also gives links to resources on where … Read more

Tolerance ranges

water blue summer orange

In today’s cancer post, I’m going to talk about how treatment affects tolerance ranges. It is very simple, it makes them smaller, narrower. Here are examples of this (and please bear with me, it’s just for info that I’m sharing this, not for pity!): Temperature: I get cold as soon as it gets cool, but … Read more

A little tale of kindness

white and pink gasoline station near ocean

This happened to me a few days ago. I had been to hospital to fetch my chemotherapy drugs and I had to fill up my car. I drove in to the petrol station and stopped at one of the pumps. A petrol attendant came to me and asked what I needed. “Fill it up please, … Read more


a man rowing a small boat with a sail

Oh yes, I go for therapy, and it has been great. There is no denying that even with the best support network and loved ones around, being the one with the cancer in this turmoil can be quite lonely. I started therapy a few months before I got diagnosed actually. I was unwell and I … Read more

Large fireball illuminates Southern African skies

On the evening of August 24, a bright object traveling fast in the upper atmosphere had thousands of people mesmerised. It was spotted by many in the Gauteng province of South Africa but was visible further North into Limpopo and Zimbabwe. At first we didn’t know what it was. A usual shooting star is a rock … Read more

The birth of a rainbow

A rainbow is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. It never ceases to capture the imagination, symbolising unity and diversity, spanning the range of colours that the human eye can see. It has been the subject of myths and legends, in part because its end is not reachable. Until now. I have captured the … Read more