Problem Solver

Data scientist



Dr. Carolina Odman is Associate Professor at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa and Associate Director, Development and Outreach, at the Inter-University Institute for Data Intensive Astronomy.

My values


I believe that we can approach anything, as long as we do it with kindness.


If we listen, there is always something to learn.


I believe in a solid sense of fairness, openness and honesty.


Everything we do has an impact on others, intended or not.

A little intro

Here’s a little intro to a few explorations I hope to record. I don’t think I can commit to podcasting because it would take a lot of time that I don’t have, but sometimes, it’s nice to tell a story instead of writing it. Plus, I got a really cool microphone for my birthday so….…

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African Science Renaissance at UWC

On 30 June each year, the African Union celebrates the day of Africa‚Äôs Science Renaissance, and it is worth celebrating. African science is among the oldest known to man. The university at Timbuktu, founded around 1 800 years ago, served as an intellectual hub of knowledge for the continent until the late 16th century. There are older records…

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