Problem Solver

Data scientist



Dr. Carolina Odman is Associate Professor at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa and Associate Director, Development and Outreach, at the Inter-University Institute for Data Intensive Astronomy.

My values


I believe that we can approach anything, as long as we do it with kindness.


If we listen, there is always something to learn.


I believe in a solid sense of fairness, openness and honesty.


Everything we do has an impact on others, intended or not.

Academics and online presence

Most academics excel at their area of expertise, but not everyone knows how to publicise themselves. I have put together a small website that hopefully will help academics create a simple webpage to showcase their work in all its diversity – research, teaching, supervising, outreach, and more. It also gives links to resources on where…

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Tolerance ranges

In today’s cancer post, I’m going to talk about how treatment affects tolerance ranges. It is very simple, it makes them smaller, narrower. Here are examples of this (and please bear with me, it’s just for info that I’m sharing this, not for pity!): Temperature: I get cold as soon as it gets cool, but…

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