Where in the world is Dewald Pietersen?

My cell phone number used to belong to Dewald Pietersen. I have no idea who he is, or maybe I do?

My whatsapp a few days ago

My whatsapp a few days ago

I get something for Dewald Pietersen almost every day even though I’ve had this number for nearly two years. It’s annoying for me and risky for him. I could easily sell his identity to crooks if I wanted to.

Among other things, I know his ID number, his doctor’s details, that his TV license is overdue, what he drives, what church he attends and some debt collector is looking for him and keeps calling my cell phone trying to get info on me because they think I’m a relative hiding him.

I could have some fun with this data, especially with his ID number, but I just can’t be bothered.

Seriously people, when you change cell phone number, keep the old one on prepaid or tell people you’ve changed – it’s your own life you’re giving away!

Motherhood in a world of men

Motherhood is as old as our existence. It is sometimes taken for granted, sometimes missed, sometimes condemned. Other times, it is politicised or reduced to a medical condition. It is a profound individual journey of love and the fundamental gender difference that polarises our roles in society.

With an understanding of the science behind motherhood and a perspective from the heart, can we learn something to make the world a better place for men, women, and children? My sons have taught me so.

Below is the text of the talk I gave at TEDx AIMS
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