… and I discovered steller

It’s a nifty new app that allows you to create mini-magazines with text, photos and video. There seems to be a game on steller, the hashtag #seewhatisee where people put together a weekly magazine with the pretty views of the week, one per day. I’ve startyed one but because the weekend was so beautiful, I’ve made one just for the weekend too :)

Stolen little moment of love

Sitting in the car outside my little boy’s crèche about to drop him off.
Except that he’s just fallen asleep on me….
And while I look at him with loving eyes, my to do list for the day rushes through my mind.
Just 5 more minutes.
‘Don’t wake a sleeping baby’ they say.
He must really need it poor love.
But to be perfectly honest, I’m loving it, aren’t I? I am loving that he still needs me so much and that there’s no better place to fall asleep and feel safe than mama’s arms. I am loving that he is my highest priority. I am loving that he loves me back in every little smile and cuddle and yawn and sob and cough and laugh and I am loving that I’m most of this amazing little guy’s universe right now.

It won’t last. So I may look like a dedicated mom but don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely a bit selfish.


Assignment: I’ve been too busy and I go on a ‘solo date’. What do I do?

All that land. All that space. All those houses, all those people. All their thoughts. What are they thinking about? Everyone is busy thinking. They are caught up in their thoughts, their worries, their to-do lists. Some worry for their sick relative. Some dream of buying a new car. Some wonder if they will have something to eat tomorrow. Some wish they had a better looking body. All those thoughts, like so many indistinguishable conversations are all happening down there, in those houses, in those streets.

And from up here, all I can hear is the wind. Its long howling whistles as it swirls around the cliffs. And the birds, who throw themselves into its current, as if for a carefree adrenaline rush. Beyond the city, I see the vast ocean, its slow but unstoppable force, rising and setting with the tides. And if I look up a little more, I see the sun, this bright star of ours that gives us heat and powers life, busy busy life, on this space rock that we call home.

I sigh. This is good for the soul.

After a day of contemplation, I climb down from the mountain, ready to dive back into the noisy life of crowded thoughts and busy days. I remember the perspective from the top of that mountain, overlooking the city and the ocean and I keep going, aware of my little place in the Universe.