To those men who think they are better off than women…

… because they can have children at any age.

You’re missing the point completely.

The point is that you will want to spend as much time as possible with your child because you’ll want to teach him or her everything you know, everything you’ve learnt through painful experience, in an attempt at sparing them the pain.

The point is that you’re suddenly aware that life isn’t endless and you can’t face the thought of not being there for your children. Fear of death is not fear of dying, it’s fear of not being there for the kids you love.

The point is that you will love your child more than anyone or anything and that time is the most valuable thing in life. Unfortunately, It has been known for some time that women live longer then men and we keep finding reasons why that go beyond taking more risks or not looking after yourselves.

So no, I’m sorry you’re not ‘better’ off…


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