The birth of a rainbow

A rainbow is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. It never ceases to capture the imagination, symbolising unity and diversity, spanning the range of colours that the human eye can see. It has been the subject of myths and legends, in part because its end is not reachable. Until now. I have captured the birth…

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When shaken to the core, we get priorities right. Can we stick to it?

The world over, there are disasters, man-made or not, that shake our communities to the deepest levels. Many are hurt, some tragically lose their lives, many suffer from post-traumatic stress, yet, over and over, we see something happen, an embodiment of hope. In the face of disaster, survivors get together, make time and help one another…

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A little intro

Here’s a little intro to a few explorations I hope to record. I don’t think I can commit to podcasting because it would take a lot of time that I don’t have, but sometimes, it’s nice to tell a story instead of writing it. Plus, I got a really cool microphone for my birthday so….

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Foundations of thinking

I am a scientist. Specifically, I am a physicist, even more specifically a cosmologist. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have studied science, because I go through life understanding most of what is around me and I wouldn’t want to understand less. When I don’t understand something, I immediately feel the need to learn. And science…

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Always learning.

I am very excited to be part of a resilience and systems thinking programme intended to give participants experience and tools of systems and complexity thinking to address the very complex multidimensional socio-ecological problems we grapple with in our work. This blog post is just a reflection. In the first session, we were given two presentations,…

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