Foundations of thinking

I am a scientist. Specifically, I am a physicist, even more specifically a cosmologist. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have studied science, because I go through life understanding most of what is around me and I wouldn’t want to understand less. When I don’t understand something, I immediately feel the need to learn. And … Read more

A day in the life of a curious mind.

I usually wake up in the morning and I switch on the kettle to make myself a cup of tea. That’s when I start pondering the world around me. Before I get out of being sleepy, sometimes still feeling in an interrupted dream. As I watch the kettle fill up and admire the turbulence in … Read more

Always learning.

I am very excited to be part of a resilience and systems thinking programme intended to give participants experience and tools of systems and complexity thinking to address the very complex multidimensional socio-ecological problems we grapple with in our work. This blog post is just a reflection. In the first session, we were given two … Read more

A cancer patient in lockdown

I am vulnerable. I am on chemotherapy. I am hiding from covid-19. The few strands of hair on my pale scalp shiver at the slightest draft. So do I. A small breath of wind from the world outside and a special kind of cold runs down my spine. A threat that I cannot see lurks. … Read more

The tweet that revealed African kindness to the world

“O jewa ke eng?” Africa is known for its challenges- so how come we’re (mostly) keeping it together? Empathy and kindness. “O jewa ke eng?” Was a simple tweet posted in January 2019 by an 18-year old student. The phrase, in Sotho, means “What’s eating you up?”, or “What’s bothering you? “ the response was overwhelming. … Read more